Saturday, September 7, 2013

Return to the Kitchen: Greek Burgers

I've been away most of the summer, and I can't believe it's already September! I've had a couple culinary experiences of the summer, but wanted to share one of my more recent achievements. That would be my Greek burgers.

A few years back my sister gave me a spice packet which was of mediterranean spices. I used all of that packet, so I returned to my trusty google to find a recipe, and I did. had it, and you can find that recipe here.

So, now for my Greek burgers. The key to making these burgers is the spices, but in order to keep your burgers together, you need to have a binding agent, so they don't get too dried out. An egg does the trick.

What you'll need:

For the beef:
1 egg
1 lbs of lean beef
2 tablespoons of mediterranien spice (see recipe above)
Salt and Pepper to taste

For the burger:

Pita pockets
feta cheese (crumbled works fine)

First, combine your meat and the egg and spices. I use my hands to do this, as it is pointless to dirty up another dish (and don't forget to wash your hands!). Next, take about a hand full of the meat and press it into your desired patty size. I made mine smaller so they would fit in the pita pockets. Turn on the heat to your grill, grill pan, etc. I got mine to about medium high and put some olive oil on it to keep it from scorching. Grill the patties until desired doneness (I stopped mine at about medium).
To assemble the burger, open your pita pocket (but not all the way! Cut about half way around, this will give you a nice pocket for your toppings), and put the tzatziki sauce in, then the feta. You want it distributed evenly. Then put your burger in. I let my burgers sit for a few minutes on a paper towel (the towel got the excess grease, but the burgers stayed nice and juicy). You can serve this meal with carrots, celery and peppers, as they go great with the tzatziki. I also have a side of hummus, which is a great alternative to the tzatziki. 

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