Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Bread: Enjoying the Fall

Being a grad student, and one who has been a grad student for almost four years, is exhausting, draining and overall stressful. Cooking has been one of my ways of managing this stress, and I have covered a lot of wonderful meals along the way. 
But now that the leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping, I find myself in the mood for sweet things. Today, the weather was dreary, and it was a perfect opportunity to do some baking. On the menu: Pumpkin Bread. 

Because I live alone, I decided it was more economical to make mini loaves instead of the traditional loaf. I followed the recipe I got from (my favorite recipe resource) and made just one alteration to it. 

The recipe called for chocolate chips, and I do like chocolate chips, but not everyone (such as my mom) does enjoy them. And because I also had the additional agenda of stashing some easy housewarming gifts for all of the amazing halloween parties I will be attending, I decided to make 3 of the 6 loaves without the chocolate chips. 

You can find the recipe for this tasty bread here.

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