Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie

The moment of excitement has finally come! Here is my mom's recipe for Chicken Pot pie.
4 red potatoes, washed and diced. 
1 bag of frozen vegetables 
2 chicken breasts
Chicken bouillon 
1/2 cup Half and Half 
1 stick of butter (I use unsalted, so I can control the salt) 
Flour (for roux) 
Half an Onion, chopped

1 Pie Crust (Find the link to the recipe in this post I cut the recipe in half)

Individual ramekins This recipe made about 6 Food Network ramekins, as shown in the photo. 

I begin with cooking my chicken. I boiled mine, as it is easy, and allowed me to prep my other items without worrying about the chicken burning, etc. Additionally, I used the broth as the base for my filling. I prepared my crust per the instructions. Incase you haven't figured it out, I LOVE this pie crust. It is perfect for savory or sweet dishes. You can find the recipe in my post, titled The Best Pie Crust Ever. 

However, if you prefer to walk a more culinary line, then feel free to saute or grill your chicken however you'd like. 

After my chicken was cooked, I removed it to cool, and put my bag of veggies into that same water, along with my potatoes, and let them cook at a medium heat. Meanwhile, I prepped my crust for my ramekins. 

I was feeling rather lazy, so I simply used a pint glass to get the bottoms of my chicken pot pie. I didn't bother bringing the crust all the way up to the edge, however, if you have the time and energy, go for it! 

I then began to saute my chopped onion in butter. I used quite a bit of butter, and I made a roux. I also added about half a cup of half and half to my veggies, as they bubbled away happily. I also added my chicken bouillon, about a teaspoon, and some rosemary and majorum (a pinch or two of both, this is totally optional). 
With my roux made, I added it slowly into my veggies. My first time around wasn't enough of a roux to get it the thickness I wanted, so I made another batch. This is where your judgement comes in. Someday I'll pay attention to my exact measurements when doing this. 

Finally, I had my oven preheated at 375 degrees. I added the chicken gravy-veggie-enhanced goodness to my ramekins, and topped them all with a top crust. Make  sure to vent your pot pies. 

I baked mine for about 40 minutes, until the crust was golden brown. 

As an alternative, you could make just one large chicken pot pie. I have done this as well. Just make the full pie crust (so you have a top and bottom), and use your regular sized pie pan. This is just as effective, though I personally feel the ramekins give you a sense of individualized pleasure.  

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