Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Amazing Milk Shake Sucker Upper Machine

While visiting a dear friend in Rifle, CO, we went to one of the nicest 7/11s I've EVER been to. I kid you not, this was the elite of 7/11s, with a decent pizza parlor (at least it smelled good), a wide array of beverages, and the CLEANEST bathrooms I have ever seen.

Yes, it was awesome. But, this is a cooking blog, so why am I describing this 7/11?

This would be the reason:

I call it, the Amazing Milk Shake Sucker Upper Machine, because, it does just that. You take a cup from the freezer (not pictured, but to the right) which has the ingredients. Then, you take the lid off, (very important) and put it at the bottom of the machine (above the control panel, below the touch screen). You use the giant touch screen to select the thickness of your milkshake, and press the button. The machine sucks up your cup, and within 30 seconds, spits it back out. You then have an amazing, creamy (and extremely delicious) milk shake. So, I hope you all take a trip to the 7/11 in Rifle, CO for the Amazing Milk Shake Sucker Upper Machine, and enjoy it as much as I did. 

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