Thursday, June 28, 2012

Food (and persons) in Kitchen Unity

Undoubtedly, if you follow me on FB, then you have probably seen the majority of these pictures. However, I did want to share one final recipe, which I found from one of my favorite sites,

Josh is responsible for a good portion of this dish, but one of my favorite parts about this meal was the unity which was experienced in the kitchen. No, I'm not talking about my relationship (which I could, because that was very obvious also), but rather the unity which was experienced with the food.

The chicken was seasoned (by Josh) and pan seared until cooked. Mean while, I began prepping the sauce--which paled in comparison to the work Josh put in, as well as began prepping the other food. Melting butter, unfortunately, doesn't take a lot of skill. Finally, the chicken was complete. The fragrance was amazing, a combination of dill, garlic, and of course, chicken.

The sauce so simple, it is almost sad to discuss. Or at least, the recipe presented it as such. Josh suggested I deglaze the pan with a splash of wine (a suggestion, for which I would have been resentful of for not thinking of it myself, except I was just reaching the fridge for the wine when he said it). This was a GOOD decision. The deglazing of the pan picked up all of the extra bits of flavor left over from the chicken. Then, it was time to add the cream (whisk, whisk, whisk!), and finally the capers.

At this point, the meal had just come together. The couscous finished within 30 seconds of the plating of the chicken, and the artichokes followed.

You can find the original recipe here.

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